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Bail Bonds Process

What is an Indemnitor or Cosigner?

An Indemnitor or Cosigner is a person who agrees to be financially responsible for the full amount of the bail bond in the event the defendant fails to make a court appearance and cannot be returned to court. An Indemnitor is responsible for paying any bail bond costs incurred as a result of the defendant missing a court date. If there is more than one Indemnitor on a bail bond, they are jointly and severally liable. This means the money could be collected from one or both of them.

What is Collateral?

In many situations, we will not require collateral. Collateral is money, property, etc. that you deposit with the bail bond company. The collateral is held until the case is completed.
As Indemnitor, you are financially responsible for the bail bond. As long as the person you bail out makes all of their court appearances, you will not have to pay any money in addition to the premium. If the person skips bail and we are not able to return that person to court, you will be required to pay the full amount of the bail. If we are able to return them to court, you will be required to reimburse us for actual expenses incurred.
Other factors may determine if collateral will be required:
  • Accused person's past arrest history
  • Whether or not accused person is local
  • If Indemnitor is employed
  • How Indemnitor is related to the accused
  • How long Indemnitor and accused have they known each other


The court will issue a warrant and notify us of the failure to appear. We will assist you in either reinstating the bail with the court or surrendering the person back to custody. If we are unsuccessful, the court will demand the full amount of the bail.

When does a bail bond forfeiture take place?

Bail bond forfeiture results when a court appearance is missed. If a defendant misses a court date, a bench warrant is issued for their arrest. The court also sets a deadline for when either the defendant must be located/returned to custody or the bail bond "reinstated" or the bail amount must be paid to the court.

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